Woody Harrelson on Social Responsibility


Woody Harrelson – The Entire World Needs To Hear This

This video from one of the worlds most influential people, specifically on the topics of Social Responsibility and Sustainability, talks candidly about how we, as a human race, are the ones who need to take a stand and opt for those brands that are ethical and care not only about their consumers, but about the rest of the world as well.

“If a company pollutes the environment or uses bad business practises, if you don’t buy their stuff, they will change”

Harrelson talks about how we buy products just “because the advertising industry tells us to”. But all is not lost. The entire message of this supremely impactful video is that you have the choice.

“If you don’t want food with chemicals and GMOs, then don’t buy it”

It all comes down to education and conscious living. Understanding how we can choose those products and brands that care about us as a consumer and as a human race. These ethical and sustainable brands have stories, often generations of families that have committed their lives to supplying premium products, whilst supporting our planet and it’s population.

“The minute we start taking responsibility and spending our money wisely, every Politician, and every Leader around the world is going to know that we have woken up”

Again the importance of making a conscious choice when you choose your food, your household cleaning products, the companies you buy your equipment from, the people you advocate for. If we are really thinking, and being aware when we consume then “there is no reason that everybody shouldn’t have what they need”.

What do we really want? This question has already been answered. Don’t you just want to be happy? For those around you to be happy? For the rest of the world to be happy? For our environment to be happy? To have what we need, surrounded by love and the wonders of Mother Nature, and for the rest of the world to have the same.

“The common man just wants to live in peace with justice and a clean environment”

But if we look around the world. And see hunger, and violence, and huge conglomerates taking power over the human race. This, as Woody puts it; “is the first sign our system is broken”.

“No company will continue a practice or a product, that you the consumer will not buy. You have the power. By choosing to spend your money wisely, you can choose to do business with those companies who do business in a socially responsible way”

And that’s it. You and I have the choice.

What are some brands that you support or steer clear from?