Six Hearty Vegetarian Curries that will turn your Meat Eating Mr

Six Vegetable Curries that will Turn Your Meat Eating Man

It’s the chilly season in Australia, and this time of year, the coconut milk gets a work out in our house. Curries are a frequent occurrence on the dinner plate, and left overs lunch. The mighty curry can be incredibly filling with just vegetables, that are packed with good fats, vitamins, minerals and complete protein if you have a bean/legume and grain (eg, lentils in the curry, served on brown rice).



The Health Chef

This wonderful Australian, Teresa Cutter has been inspiring us with her recipes for years. This Vegetable Curry is so delicious, and filling, it will turn even the biggest meat loving man you offer it to. 🙂

Recipe Here



Brown Paper Nutrition

The lovely Nutritionist, Jacqueline, over at Brown Paper Nutrition offers us a Sweet Potato and Kale Dahl. Yummmm, time for some Dahl, Darl?

Recipe Here



The Cook Republic

O wow, how good does this Chickpea and Coconut Korma Curry look!

Recipe Here



Honestly Healthy Food

Only 10minutes of prep and 15minutes of cooking, this Turmeric Masala Curry is packed with the incredible anti-inflammatory goodness of fresh Turmeric.

Recipe Here



Cookie and Kate

Mixing it up with some Green now, we have this Thai Green Curry with Spring Vegetables. Ready in just 45minutes, a great substitute for that Chicken Curry you cook.

Recipe Here



The Wholesome Cook

Finishing off with this lovely Aussie cook, Martyna Angell, and her Green Vegetable Curry in a Hurry. When Martyna says ‘hurry’ she means it, ready in just 15minutes.

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