Top Five Seeds you should Be Germinating at Home Right Now

 Top Five Seeds Germinating at Home Right Now

There’s someone so rewarding about planting a seed, and watching it sprout through the soil and then thrive into a plant. Growing from seed is not as hard as you think! Mother Nature takes care of most of the work for you. August is a perfect time in Australia to start to get ready for the thriving Spring Season.

A super easy way to grow seeds at home is using your old egg cartons. Once the seed has germinated, you can plant the egg cartons straight in your garden bed or pot and they biodegrade. Sustainability at it’s best. By keeping the egg carton in a plastic container, you can gently water in the container and the plant will soak it up. This helps to control the amount of water the seed is getting.

seedling-traysHere are five seeds you can germinate right now! One month before Spring hits:

  1. Basil
    Keep basil in seed trays for around 4-6 weeks and then transplant to your garden bed, pot or grow wal.
  2. Mint
    Plant7-9 mint seeds per space in your egg carton. As with all herbs. Mint likes damp, partly shaded areas, so keep the seed tray well watered.
  3. Celery
    One seed per space in your egg carton. Germinate for 4-6 weeks and move to garden.
  4. Tomato
    If you have a half cut tomato going bad in your fridge, thinly slice it. Place a slice, per space, in some soil, in seed tray (or egg carton), top with some soil and water every second day or so. After around two weeks, cull by selecting the best sprout per space and pull out the others. Leave to sprout for another 2-4 weeks and then transplant to your garden.
  5. Chilli
    Like tomato, if you have a chilli at home, get some seeds from the inside and plant in some soil in your seed tray. Drop one seed per space. Cover with some soil and germinate 4-6 weeks before moving.

Remember these are best germinated inside (or undercover), in a controlled environment, away from wind and other elements. This gives them the best chance to thrive before you move to your garden.

What are you growing right now?