Two amazing things about H&M’s New Range!

H&M's Conscious Exclusive Collection

H&M’s Conscious Exclusive Collection

If you’re a H&M fan, you may have done a little wee in excitement (like me) when they opened their Sydney, Macquarie store. Or if you’re Melbourne bound, their pioneering store. Now located in nine locations Australia wide, we have at our finger tips a company that is supplying organic clothing options, at an affordable price.  Listed as number 20 or the top 100 Sustainable Businesses, H&M leave much to aspire to.

With awareness growing on Sustainability, Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing and Organic wearables. For our family H&M has been a great option for #Organic Clothing, especially for the little one. Now they’re launching a new, High End range with the Conscious Exclusive collection, using 50 percent sustainable materials in each piece, “the collection aims to bridge the sometimes awkward gap between ethical, environmentally friendly practice and fashion.”

Our bodies absorb up to 60% of topically applied skin care and chemicals used in clothing production. This adding to the already overloading amount of toxins entering in our bloodstream. Have you ever smelt new clothes? The strong smell of formaldehyde and other chemicals used are almost overbearing. These, when worn, can seep through the skin and into our blood stream.

Opting for clothes that are sustainable, and using organic fabrices can reduce the amount of toxins that you are exposed to and thus bring down your toxic load. H&Ms Conscious Exclusive Collection feature organic silks, organic cotton and Tencel.

Vogue Australia’s Article talks more on fashion with this new collection, and the powerful position H&M are in; making change, creative awareness and taking action, in the fashion industry.

So what are the Two Amazing Things about this Collection?

  1. It’s High-End
  2. It’s Sustainable

H&M’s Brand Ambassador Julia Restoin Roitfeld says “It’s not simply a matter of how we deal with trash and recycling: sustainability is an all-surrounding lifestyle that encompasses the way we consume, the way we behave and also the way we dress.”

We’re becoming more knowledgeable on the importance of ingesting organic options. The topic of what we put on our body and the effect this can have on our health, is a growing concern. We praise H&M for their forefront thinking in fashion.