What chemicals are hiding in your lipstick?

When selecting your lipstick, the shade is not the first thing you should consider! Did you know that most lipsticks contain chemicals that specifically target the reproductive area. An industry that is for women, and the products have ingredients that are toxic to our female parts. This is mind blowing, and I often find myself thinking ‘how can this be allowed to happen?’.  But it is happening, and it’s up to use to be aware, and opt for the brands producing products that are healthy for us.

It’s not only us that are using our lipstick. Our daughters get in to our make up draw, our handbag, disappear for a little while and come out looking oh so fabulous ;). So now they’re exposed to these hormone disrupting compounds, at an age that is critical to their development.


Here are Six Chemicals Found In Your Lipstick:

  1. Lead and other Heavy Metals
    Lead and other heavy metals are toxic for your body, and competes with essential minerals. This means that your minerals like potassium and magnesium; those that are needed for your everyday function, are interrupted. Heavy metals are known to be toxic to the brain, and we can see the rise in mood disorders, not only in adults, but children.
  2. Coal Tar Dyes
    This is what gives your lipstick colour. They’re carcinogens and may contain heavy metals that are toxin to the brain.
  3. Petroleum
    This is what gives your lipstick it’s shine. It’s also known as a carcinogen.
  4. Phthalates
    Hormone disrupting compounds. Again, for a product that is targeted to women!
  5. Paraffin
    A petrochemical, likened to the exhaust of a car. So rather than putting our face down at our exhaust, we’re just laying it right on our lips and giving the toxins the best chance to absorb and ingest.
  6. Fragrance/ Parfum
    A chemical cocktail of synthetic ingredients, known to cause irritation to the skin, eyes, lungs.

This is only a select few of what you could find in your lipstick!! There are many more!


Remembering that everything we put on our body, gets absorbed into our blood stream. If we’re covering ourselves in cosmetics that are full of chemicals, we are adding to our toxic load. We are experiencing a rise in infertility, skin problems, mood disorders, cancers; all of which can be affected by the levels of toxins in your body, and how your ability to rid them.

What lipstick should I choose?

When you’re choosing your lipstick, go for earth aware, natural brands like:

Ere Perez

Ere Perez Natural Lipsticks are Made with olive oil and beeswax base, these lipsticks nourish and protect the lip, rather than poisoning.

ere-perez-natural-lipstickOrli Organics

Orli’s Adorn Organic Lipstick is certified organic, with beautiful, nourishing ingredients like jojoba seed oil, and shea butter.


Time to share!

What natural brand lipsticks are working for you? Still giving you the shine, colour and nourishment that we all desire?