The Herb that Thrives in Your Garden and then Feeds Your Nervous System

Chamomile Leaf Tea

Most of us know that the beautiful yellow flowers from chamomile can be made into a tea, but did you know the leaves are just as delicious and beneficial. Chamomile is a Nerve Tonic. In nourishes the nervous system, calms the mind, and in my house is used regularly for my 19mo to calm his teething pain and help him sleep.

In April I purchased some Organic Chamomile Seedlings from the legend, Jordan from Worm Ticklers at The Beaches Markets on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. I’d never grown chamomile before…. and to my delight it went C R A Z Y in a wine barrel pot. So crazy I’ve had to take out the citrus tree it was growing around (and over haha). Now it’s just a chamomile pot and it looks RAD.

chamomile-in-pot-health-coach-army-700x467We LOVE Herbal Tea in our house. Being a Herbalist, I know the health benefits of each herb, but if I was completely honest, that’s not why I drink it. I drink different herbal teas because they make me feel good. Herbal Tea is a guilt-free pleasure you can enjoy all day long.

My son, Rider, and I grabbed the scissors and chopped some leaves to steep for tea. Once we had our hand full of bright green leaves, that smell exactly the same as the flowers, we followed this method:

  1. Place Chamomile Leaves in Pot 
    We prefer to use NeoFlam Cookware as it doesn’t leach chemicals into ze organically grown chamomile, and therefore into our bods.
  2. Cover Leaves with Water
    Ideally a locally sources spring water or water that has been filtered (Reverse Osmosis would be choice of filter). Heat using a low setting on your stove, to bring the pot to a very slow boil, around 5-10 minutes. When you see small bubble start, turn the stove off.


  3. You can pour now or cover with a clean tea towel to steep for another few minutes
  4. Drink and Enjoy the amazing calming feeling

What’s your favourite herbal tea?