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  • hormone-disruptor-health-coach-army What does Hormone Distruptor mean?

    HORMONE DISRUPTOR When we start to look at alternatives for the chemical laden products in our home, we come across some words that may not be easy to understand. There are many chemicals out there, that have multiple affects on the body, and one you will come across regularly is a hormone disruptor or endocrine […]

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  • growing-tomatoes-from-seed-2 Growing Tomatoes from Seed

    Growing Tomatoes from Seed Growing tomatoes from seed is one of the most rewarding things in food gardening. If you’re focusing on a chemical free garden, we show you how to start with just the seeds from inside your tomato and grow to a thriving tomato bush. It’s important to remember that if you only […]

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  • flouride-free-toothpaste-health-coach-army Three Fluoride Free Toothpastes that your kids will love!

    Fluoride Free Toothpaste With evidence mounting on the harmful effects fluoride has on our body; competing with essential minerals, potentially causing dental problems (the very thing we thought it was helping), and affecting our fertility; it’s time to source alternatives to our Supermarket bought toothpaste. I’m an advocate of natural, organic products. I’ve experienced first […]

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  • growing-from-seed-health-coach-army Top Five Seeds you should Be Germinating at Home Right Now

     Top Five Seeds Germinating at Home Right Now There’s someone so rewarding about planting a seed, and watching it sprout through the soil and then thrive into a plant. Growing from seed is not as hard as you think! Mother Nature takes care of most of the work for you. August is a perfect time […]

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  • nail-polish-toxins-health-coach-army Five Toxic Chemicals in Nail Polish

     What Chemicals are In Your Nail Polish? Yes we’re a society that likes to paint our nails. Not only that, our daughters and sons are playing around and colouring their fingers and toes. The chemicals in nail polish are gradually becoming more recognised, but we still have a long way to go. Like most cosmetics, […]

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  • Woody Harrelson on Social Responsibility

    Woody Harrelson – The Entire World Needs To Hear This This video from one of the worlds most influential people, specifically on the topics of Social Responsibility and Sustainability, talks candidly about how we, as a human race, are the ones who need to take a stand and opt for those brands that are ethical […]

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