Did this cause the Bleeding Apple?


The Bleeding Apple

Each day I check the multiple news sites in Australia for any interesting food related information and I just couldn’t go past the story of the bleeding apple.

A Coles customer, Louise Kavanagh, brought this Royal Gala apple from the Brighton, Victoria store and posted on the Coles Facebook page about her experience:

“Dear Coles, Yesterday I bought a royal gala Apple from your store in Brighton. Unfortunately it was heavily coated in wax, so I washed it in hot water to melt off the wax and left it to dry.”

“5 hrs later, the Apple looked like this photo with red dots of a sticky substance oozing out of the Apple. I have never seen this happen with any Apple I have ever bought before and I am really disturbed by it.”

“Why is the Apple I bought from you oozing a sticky substance and what is this substance?”

Coles responded and said that they too didn’t know what the substance was, but will investigate further.

My Take

There are obviously many concerning aspects about this story;

  1. The Wax
    If we are eating whole foods, and delivering them fresh to consumers then why are they covered in wax? Why does Louise have to run under hot water to wash wax off an apple, something that grows on a tree and can be pulled from the tree and eaten. These waxes are considered ‘food grade’ but that doesn’t mean anything to me. What this means is that the apples are not fresh, they are getting coated in wax to keep them fresher for longer, therefore nutrient loss has to happen.
  2. The Blood
    I have two hypothesis here.
    1. The substance oozing from the apple is wax that has been absorbed into the flesh. We know that apples absorb sprays, so there would be not surprise that they also absorb wax.
    2. The apple is actually bleeding. Don’t laugh :0. This could be a message from the fruit itself. If we can plant an apple seed, nurture it, and it grow into an apple tree, these foods are alive. There is absolutely no doubt about that. So if we are treating these live foods badly, by spraying them with all sorts of chemicals and covering them in wax, then it could show in how Humans react when treating badly; bleed or cry.
  3. Non Organic
    I can’t do a post about apples without mentioning how incredibly important it is to eat these organic. If I had my way, and the funds ;), I would supply every Australian family with a month’s worth of organic food and let them feel the difference. In their energy, mood, appearance, … absolutely everything as they are getting nourished with the nutrients that comes from real food, rather than loaded with chemicals, herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, preservatives, flavours,… .blabla. I get on this rant so often, but it’s so important, more important than that big screen TV. But apples, apples are one of the top 10 fruits that you should DEFINITELY eat organic, because they absorb everything that’s put on them. Washing the skin, or even peeling, has little effect.While I’m on this topic, have you ever eaten an organic apple? I guarantee you that when you do, there will be no turning back! The flavour, the texture, the whole experience is what it’s meant to be like. Not the floury, soft, flavourless thing that’s bigger than a tennis ball.

The Suppliers

Both Woolworth’s and Coles have been in the news in the past for selling apples that are months old. Up to 10months old in Woolworth’s and nine months in storage before selling in Coles. It is pretty common knowledge that these apples are then pumped with a ripening hormone and coated in wax to ‘look good’.

I don’t mean to bash our Supermarkets in my posts, but the fact of the matter is that the food standard being supplied is way below what an individual should eat, let alone feed their family. And the two major Supermarkets are still where most Australians are doing their shopping. Impelled to side note here, on the up and coming rival of these Supermarkets, Aldi.

The Solution

Buy local produce, ideally from Farmers Markets. These people care about what they are producing. Be aware that fruits and vegetables are seasonal and eat them when they’re in season. Start to transition, if you haven’t already, to organic foods.

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  • debs

    I had the same thing today too, some non-oganic apples got delivered here for a charity and I wanted to show my kids the wax. Washed it, let the wax melt, sat there as we weren’t going to eat it anyway lol but yeah looks like it’s bleeding??
    Did you find out what it was?

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