Why this is without a doubt the Best Protein Powder


Best Protein Powder

⚪️ P R O T E I N ⚪️ …. When I was in my early twenties, I did the low fat diet thing, and at the same time decided I was vegetarian, not a healthy vegetarian, just one that ate bread most of the time. After a few years of this, lacking in both essential fats and protein I’d thrown myself well in to a hole of D E P R E S S I O N.
Fast forward five years, study and a Naturopathic Degree, in 2010 we opened our first Health Clinic in Ultimo… right in the heart of ‘alternate’ Sydney; Newtown, Glebe, Redfern, etc. I used to see so many vegetarians/vegans in this clinic. I could literally spot them as they walked through the door; skin was lacking luster, eyes were heavy, shoulders were drooped. All in all, they were lacking nutrition.
I think it’s important to note here that I am still a Vegetarian, although I know how to eat well as one. ⚪️ P R O T E I N ⚪️ is essential for life. It’s the building blocks for E V E R Y T H I N G in our body. Our skin health, immune system, brain health, digestive function; you name it, it needs protein. BUT here’s where we go wrong; it’s not only that most vegetarians are unaware of how to get protein in to their diet, but also carnivores eating protein that causes inflammation in the body, which in turn has been linked to many chronic diseases like heart disease, cancers, and obesity.
Thinking about eating protein with every meal, can be seen as a chore, especially if we look at only animal sources for protein. Breakfast can be particularly challenging as who really wants to eat a steak for breakfast? Unless you’re full blown Paleo, this is probably not very appealing.
In comes the Smoothie Movement! And what a movement it’s been. Social Media has allowed us to share pictures, recipes and inspiration on how to put together a delicious smoothie in a few minutes, with minimal equipment. You literally need a blender, or a NutriBullet, throw in some liquid, fruit, fats, and Protein Powder and you have a complete meal that is nutrient dense, and easily absorbed. Breakfast and Lunch on the go has never been so easy.
Then there’s post Gym session, and the necessity of replacing your body with electrolytes and protein which is full of BCAAs (branch chain amino acids). These BCAAs repair your muscle fibres that break whilst training, and thus allow you to walk without the gym limp and follow up with further training. The growth in Gyms, Personal Trainers and the Fitness Industry as a whole means that Vitamin and Gym Supplement shops have popped up everywhere and the protein that they’re selling are not necessarily the best for your health. Some are loaded with synthetic ingredients, pumped up with add ins, flavours, colourings, artificial sweeteners and even the protein source can be hormone ridden and inflammatory causing.
Enter the world of a Wholefoods Protein Powder. Wholefoods meaning the protein source comes from a wholefoods source, and the added ingredients have a genuine benefit to you in combination with the protein. O PS – the ones I’m talking about are vegetarian! YES you can get a complete protein powder that is vegetarian, and healthy for you.
There are a number of these on the market in Australia, but my pick of the bunch is The Health Chef Organic Pea Protein, why?
  • It’s Certified Organic
  • Locally sourced
  • Australian made
  • Non GMO
  • Comes in Chocolate or Vanilla
  • Has superfoods in there that increase nutrient content, give you much needed minerals, balance hormones and taste good
  • Processed using cold pressed extraction, therefore the protein is not damaged with heat production
  • Easily absorbed
  • Packaging is BPA Free
  • Free of all the bad stuff
  • Tastes delicious


It is, in my opinion, the best protein powder on the Australian Market. As a vegetarian my breakfast, everyday, consists of some type of smoothie with this protein powder in it. I know I’m getting 21g of complete protein, and this sets me up for the day. For the Smoothie Movement and Fitness Industry, please make sure when you’re buying your Protein Powder that you chat to someone knowledgeable about what you’re buying. Nourish your body with what it deserves, not what the industry conglomerates market to you.