The Apple Core Diet

The Apple Core Diet

Really is there such thing as an apple core diet? I find it amusing when I read about new fan dangle diets each week. Ones that are just about consuming one type of food, and all your body dreams come true. This is not what this post is about. It is however, about why you should only have the stem left of your apples, and how the inner beauty of apples not only contain a potent anti-cancer compound, but that the conglomerates will have you believe it’s toxic.

The old saying of:

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away”

Has legs to stand on. Not only the delicious fruit but with apple seeds and their health benefits.

The Dirty Dozen

Apples are one of those fruits listed in the Dirty Dozen. Those that you should eat organic, as they absorb many of the pesticides, herbicides and fungicides sprayed on them. They don’t only absorb them, it’s impossible to scrub them off, even if you peel and scrub the flesh for an hour. Haha. Read about the Bleeding Applefor more on non-organic apples.

Vitamin B17

Vitamin B what? Yes, there’s a Vitamin B17, named amygdalin. Apples seeds are high in B17, and this compound is known for it’s potent anti-cancer properties, actions on oxidation in the body and loads more. Yet all we seem to hear is about the so called poison. In trace amounts, which is what you get when chewing apple seeds, you get a healthy dose of Vitamin B17 to help fight free radicals in your body.


You read other stories on the world wide web about how you should’t eat apple seeds, and I find this so fascinating. If they’ve shown their powerful health benefits, why are we buying in to the story that they’re toxic? When we think of Mother Nature, would She really put seeds inside a nutritious fruit that are poisonous? I don’t think so.

It’s important to note here that Vitamin B17 is a controversial topic. People hear the words cyanide and arsenic and think we’re going to get poisoned and die some horrible death. Cue the crazy thoughts and images in our mind. There has to be some differentiation here between these compounds that are found in the earths crust and are deemed poisonous at high levels, verses those found in nature in trace amounts. When found in animals and plants, arsenic changes it’s molecular structure to combine with carbon and hydrogen, and thus is less toxic and we only consume in small amounts.

In my opinion, I feel we are being led away from these beauties that nourish our body. Scared into thinking they’re not good for us, therefore we miss out on these effects that protect us from environmental pollutants and other elements adding to our toxic load.

Now back to why my husband finds the stems lying around the house; there’s a multifaceted answer:

  1. I love organic apples;
  2. I know the health benefits of the seeds, so I munch them too;
  3. The stem just don’t seem like rubbish in the end, it’s like a little twig so I just seem to just leave them where I am (or maybe I get a bit lazy :)).

What are your thoughts? Do you eat your apple seeds?

PS – I made up ‘The Apple Core Diet’, just to lighten the mood on ‘diets’ as a whole. Really, would you be able to only eat apple cores? B O R I N G x