Brooke grew up on the beautiful Northern Beaches of Sydney. Riddled with asthma from a very young age, her early years were punctuated by frequent extended admittances to the Children’s Ward at Mona Vale Hospital. Under the guidance of Sydney Children’s Hospital, Brooke moved to Canberra in an effort to manage her health. Living away from her beloved family was a trial in itself; made no easier by the fact that this was completed at the impressionable age of twelve years old.

It was in her late teens that Brooke began to notice that different foods that she ate had a direct affect on her ability to breath comfortably.

This kicked off a decade long investigation that led to her becoming a Health Practitioner; helping others change their health and ultimately change their lives!

Brooke uses state of the art genetic testing, the latest scientifically studied Nutritive and Herbal Therapy, and general rebound strategies to move her patients into a state of being that comes from the body’s own ability to heal.

Her Practice specialises in MTHFR Gene Expression, Cardiovascular Disease, Asthma, Mood Disorders, Hormonal Disruptions, Digestive Problems, Toxin Free Living and beating the Supermarket.


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