26 Critical Reasons you should Grow Food this Spring

26 Critical Reasons you Should Grow Food this Spring – even if you live in an Apartment!

  1. It’s Convenient!
    There’s nothing more convenient than needing something for a meal, and being able to just cut it from your inside or outside garden. No need to pop to the shop, you have a store right at your fingertips.
  2. It’s Economical
    If you’re watching your budget, and let’s be real, most people in Australia are, then growing food will help to reduce your spend on fresh produce. You can grow your favourite fruits and vegetables for a fraction of the weekly food budget.
  3. Teach your Kids where food comes from
    Many of our children today think that food comes from the Supermarket, or at least some type of store. They’ve never experienced planting a tomato seed from inside a tomato into some soil, nurturing it, and watching it grow into a thriving plant that provides your family with tomatoes for a whole season! Help them understand where our food actually comes from.
  4. Boosts your Nutrient Content
    By growing food at home, you’re always eating fresh, allowing you to have maximum nutrient content in each meal. This in turn nourishes you and your family.
  5. Eat in Season
    Fresh produce have specific seasons in which they thrive. This is Mother Nature at her best as she’s giving us a range of different foods throughout the year, offering us many flavours to keep our taste buds happy.
  6. You know what’s in Your Soil
    Mr Daniel Yakich, the Coach for our Organic Gardening eCourse, Grow Food Eat Food, says in the course“Your soil determines the success of your plant. What ever goes in your soil, your plant will take up and you will eat”.By growing your own food, you know what’s going in your soil, and have control over the integrity of your plants.
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  7. No Sprays on your Food
    Pesticides, herbicides, fungicides; all the toxic chemicals that are sprayed on conventional foods and have been linked to a number of health conditions. In many foods these sprays are impossible to get off, even if you scrub for an hour! Who has time to scrub for an hour lol ;).
  8. Lowers your Carbon Footprint
    We are becoming more and more conscious about how our everyday choices affect our environment and the planet as a whole. By growing your own food you reduce your carbon footprint even more!
  9. Promotes Positive Mental Health
    Study’s have shown that gardening is the number one activity for mental health. Imagine what this means to our children! If we can get them out in the garden, even a few times a week, to give them time out, time away from devices, from the busyness of life, and just enjoy being.
  10. Great form of Exercise
    Gardening has been shown as a great way to get incidental exercise into your every day. Bending down, moving about, getting involved in your garden increases your heart rate and boosts production of lean muscle.
  11. Increases your Vitamin D levels
    Spending time in your garden will increase your Vitamin D production by exposing you to more sunshine. Even if you’re inside gardening, you will still be around more sun, where your pots are.
  12. Encourages a variety of Nutrients
    By eating in season, you’re have a variety of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients to keep you, and your family, strong and healthy.
  13. Grow What You Love
    We all have favourites! Not in our kids, haha, but with food. Not everyone likes the same food, and obviously the produce store knows this and offers us a variety to choose from. By growing food at home, we recommend working out your ratio of food that you love and growing in relation to that. Then you always have your favourites on hand.
  14. Food Thrives in Spring
    What a time to grow food, in the season when most things do well. We have the perfect mixture of sunshine, rain and pollinators to help our garden provide the most yield.
  15. Reduce your Toxic Load
    Our toxic load is a build up of chemicals within our body. These chemicals can effect how we look and feel every single day here on earth. Some of these we don’t have control over, but others, like our food, we have complete control over. By growing your food organically at home, you’re reducing your toxic load by eating chemical free food!
  16. Higher in Phytonutrients
    Organic food has been shown to be higher in phytonutrients, those cancer fighting compounds in our fruits and vegetables that are our best friends.
  17. Marvel at Mother Nature
    Experience how Mother Nature turns a seed into a plant. How  nutritious soil, brings worms, and provides that plant with the foundation to grow. Throw in some sunshine, rain and beneficial bugs and you have Mother Nature at her best. She really does most of the work.
  18. Be Present
    Most of us live super busy lives. Running around getting errands done, to and from work, school, activities; it’s constant movement. Being in the garden, offers us time to be present. Observing your garden becomes a form of meditation, while you begin to understand what your plants are saying to you and how you can help them.
  19. Spring makes Inside or Balcony Gardening Easy Peasy
    If you live in an apartment and only have space on the balcony or inside, Spring is the ideal month for you to grow food. You will be getting maximum amount of sun on your small space, not too hot, just the right temperature that your crop will love!
  20. Share with Neighbours
    Spring gives us much yield from our garden, there’s plenty to share with Neighbours. What a way to build a relationship, than to share food from your own garden. The gift of food at the best of times, is so heart felt, and when it comes from what you’ve grown yourself, there’s so much love in that.
  21. Encourages kids to eat more vegetables
    This one is from personal experience. When we first started growing food, my 20mo son used to pick the leaves and feed them to me. Now he picks them and feeds them to himself! He’s not scared of anything green, he loves the taste of it and knows exactly where it came from.
  22. Sustainability
    Growing your own food is true sustainability. Many plants that you grow will be fantastic to share clippings or clumps with others, so they can start their own food garden. You can also look at ways to use your every day organic waste, to feed your garden and provide you with more nutritious food. And so the cycle of sustainability continues.
  23. Collect Seeds
    Organic Seeds are becoming more and more recognised as the currency of the future. Daniel chats in Grow Food Eat Food about how our plants will shoot up a seed pod when they’re ready to harvest. This also gives us the opportunity to start to understand how we collect seeds from that seed pod, and store to plant in our garden later. Talk about reducing the cost of food, your food will not only give you something to eat, but also seeds to be able to plant for years.
  24. Save Time
    Like the busy bees we’ve already mentioned, time is a precious commodity. By growing your own food at home, you save time with your shopping, time with entertainment for the kids, time in preparing your meals.
  25. Boost Immune System
    Increasing Vitamin D has a direct effect on the strength of your immune system. Couple this with the variety of nutrients you will be getting from your organically grown food, and you’re giving you and your family an optimal foundation for a strong immune system.
  26. Clear Skin
    Your skin is a direct reflection of what is happening on the inside of your body. By growing food at home, eating in season, and reducing the chemicals you’re absorbing, inhaling and ingesting, your body will start to function more optimally. The nutrients that you’re nourishing your body with, will aid in digestion, and nourish your cells.

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What are you growing at home?